Skipping Commercials


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This is a guest post by Sophia Stradford

I have finally entered the 21st century, kicking and screaming. For the first time in my life I signed up for satellite tv packages MO and I love it! Programming of every kind to suit my attitude of the moment can be found from around the world.

If I am in the mood for cartoons there are several channels to choose from. I can watch children’s cartoons or I can choose to watch one of the many adult cartoons now available. But the best thing about how I watch TV is the creation of a DVR. With the ability to record my favorite cartoon when I am not at home is one of the small pleasures of my life.

The DVR is a wonderful way to pass over commercials, replay an important news cast or weather warning and watch your favorite program late at night when sleep won’t come. With so many programs, I can record one program and watch another, saving the first for another time. I don’t have to miss out by being forced to make a choice between two great shows.

With each use of the DVR, it becomes easier to set up quickly. I don’t feel like a cave woman from the past anymore. I can program the DVR thanks to the simple instructions included in every package.

Teamwork required for Next Gen Broadband

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Even birds fly in flock to attain better speed during their migrations, and so does any wide spread implementation has a need to have a joint venture. Lagging which, will obviously lead either to delay or in failure. This is a kind of issue United Kingdom has been facing in introducing fiber optic super fast broadband network throughout the country which is being addressed by internet service sector.

Realizing the reality, the experts took the issue to the UK government to endorse a syndicated activity to have its efforts in launching the highly awaited high speed fibre optic broadband network throughout the country. Its appears quite evident that government of United Kingdom hasn’t taken  this issue of joint venture seriously as that of the other nations which have already been taking significant efforts in addressing the issue, says Ed Dawson, an expert who has come up identifying the facts.

Despite of the officials’ efforts, it was able to be into the minds and tea time discussions of the people-says Dawson, the editor at broadband comparison site of UK’s broadband community. He further says that materialization of the syndicating thought is crucial which hasn’t been considered seriously by the government yet.

The initiator also predicts that the nation could leave its pride in providing effective broadband services to its people if the concerned statesmen don’t make proper policy addressing the problem and hopes that the issue is soon resolved and hail ahead in getting things done in favor of keeping its own pride.

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Updates on file extensions


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Migrating From Mojavi 2.0

Moved To: Migrating From Mojavi 2
Please note that those that were using older versions of Windows Text with file extension wri you will want to note that the .txt is the current default extension mentioned.

Note: This document will be changing frequently as I add more information, and rearrange to create a more logical order and progression of the said information.

* Prerequisites
* First Things First
* The Context
* Translating your Renderer
* View ( make sure that if you receive files in with file extension wri then you have the older windows version)
* Actions
* Configuration
* References

One of the commen questions that we get are the file extensions that we use in the coding and front end language in the PHP drafts that have been released with earlier versions. All versions that have been released should be backward compatible.


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relax and get a gym membership


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A comedian by the name of Brian Regan does a bit on yoga tapes that he listened to try and get into shape. He starts out explaining one of the yoga positions for men where the instructor asks the participants to take the bottom of their right foot and placing on the small of their back, then take your left foot and throw it over your neck like a scarf and “relax” As he continues he explains the relaxation pose where the men are instructed to set back on the balls of their feet and “relax.” The he claims ” I can hear my feet bones cracking” which is quite funny when you see the act. It is quite hilarious and really does paint the picture of what it takes to do yoga. While it is funny exercising is something that we all should do on a regular basis and doing yoga is an activity that can help stretch and tone your muscles.
pay as you go gym Many people will swear by the benefits of yoga to not only the physical but spiritual well being of the individual. Many men have this image as Brian points out in his comedy show that yoga looks painful and not you typical exercise routine. You can find yoga videos that are targeted specifically for men to help you learn the correct poses and the benefit that this type of exercise can bring.I have gotten inspired and run out and secured a gym membership only to eventually stop going and end up spending monthly on a monthly basis. This was due in part to having to sign up for a one year contract to get a discount. What I need is the ability to go when I have time and then only pay for the time that I am there. I understand that most gyms need to plan their revenue and setting up a pay as you go membership may be more difficult to maintain and monitor. That is when I came across Pay as Go Gym I was very intrigued. You can search by your zip code and find local gym membership deals where you can pay by the day or month. You can buy a pass that will work at different local gyms so that those that travel can now have access to a gym and continue to work towards those goals you set up at the beginning of the year.

Protect your data today


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We just went through the painful process of upgrading one of our online server accounts to move to a more robust server. It is like moving into a new home in that you never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all. We had to clean out so many files, SQL databases it was a dreadful process but one that was really needed. Our vendor helped us to install backup software which was actually quite painless. I was first told that I would have download all the files from the old server to my PC, then upload all those files back to the new server. There were over 4000 total files in all not counting the 25 SQL databases. With their help we did a complete site backup to a zipped file, and the reloaded that back to the new server in a matter of hours.

We later found a site called Filter Guide where they offer pretty comprehensive Registry Repair Software Reviews on various products designed to help the normal PC user to get their computer back to top form. They offer up reviews on various system tools, registry cleaners, and Data Backup Solutions that are easy to use even for the novice PC users.

Searching for Xbox 360 games and systems

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The release of the new Xbox 360 has gotten Sony and Nintendo rushing new games to the market.

The latest relese of  Mafia 2 is going to rival the PS3 version and now that  Xbox HD DVD is able to stream video thanks to services like Netflix Blu_ray may become obsolete.

A Million Uses


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Thanks to Lauren Martin for the guest post.

Using the Internet with my children has opened up a world of magical possibilities. hughes net satellite internet has provided my kids and me numerous opportunities to bond and have a good time together.

When we moved to PA, I signed up for  hughes net sevierville. From online learning activities, to games and reading, the Internet continues to open doors for my children and myself to spend time together. There is no shortage of what types of activities you can choose to do online with your children. The other night, after playing a round of online scrabble together, we looked up a recipe for a Winnie the Pooh macaroni and cheese dinner. We all shared in the cooking duties, it was amazing getting my children involved in cooking.

We are at the point that anytime we need to find important information – whether it is for schoolwork, for fun, or for basic knowledge, we pull the Internet up and see where it takes us. There are so many sites and applications available that we don’t need to go anywhere. If the kids want to check out books from the library, we do it online and then go pick them up.

All in all I would say that the Internet has brought us closer together, as it offers something that we can all enjoy as a family. I have all the correct website blockers up as well, so I don’t have to worry about them getting to a site that is inappropriate. If you are looking for a way to bond with your children, sharing in the fun of the Internet is a great place to start. It also helps that the hughes net internet PA connection is so fast!

Using PHP extensions


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The typical PHP web application consists of scattered scripts located in file extension structure that well resembles a web. When web scripting originated, the tasks to be performed were relatively simple, at least compared to todays tasks. So, the scattered list of files served quite well. In today’s world, we have very demanding applications, with very intense needs. Using the typical “a script here, a script there” method of designing a web application simply won’t cut it. You need a convention, in terms of file location and naming, and coding. Mojavi is based around a very strict convention of location and naming of files, and coding conventions. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the system very easily, which will lead to a more comfortable web application environment. Ultimately, there is a barely visible learning curve associated with Mojavi, which makes it very easy to learn.


Spaghetti Code

Most PHP scripts consist of a few PHP functions and file extension protocols , a little bit of execution code, and then the typical HTML presentation. Combining application logic with presentation leads to spaghetti code. Not only is it hard to read, but it also results in redundant code use. With Mojavi, you follow a very simple rule — divide your logic, or pay the price. You must put your application logic in an Action implementation, your presentation logic in a View implementation, and then put the actual presentation, whether it’s HTML or XML, etc., into a template.

iPod Touch 32GB


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I recently purchased a 32GB iPod Touch online and am very pleased with it. I have always been a fan of Apple products; which is why I felt lost when my iPhone was damaged. I did not get a new one due to the pricing but missed the ability to browser webpages and listen to music on a portable device. The iPod Touch is the perfect solution as it enables me to do almost everything the iPhone does; except take calls!

The iPod Touch is literally an iPhone without the calling ability. The iPod Touch has smaller, sleeker profile and weighs considerably less than the iPhone. The appearance is very similar and the touch screen used is identical. The iPod Touch runs the same software and therefore functions very much like an iPhone. The device is very simple and very pleasant to use; audio quality is outstanding when using the iPod Touch for music playback.

The true beauty of the iPod Touch is the ability to perform other functions such as browser the internet, watch movies and play games using a WiFi connection! The iPod Touch can ever send text messages and emails using a highspeed wireless internet connection. I have been using the internet for just about everything since I got satellite internet, now including shopping! The iPod Touch 32GB has been my best purchase yet and is well worth the price. The iPod Touch is a great tool for schedule planning, communications and of course, listening to music!

Guest-posted by Matt Hayes

Moving technology


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I love the fact that the internet has made almost any task or service that we need done much more simple. From communicating via short word conversations to finding a dog sitter to helping you find a mover. I had a chance to check out where they provide a service that allow customers and movers or moving companies negotiate with each through one simple platform. As the end user you simply create a free account and then put in your requirements from the number of rooms, how many movers needed, and the size of the truck you may need. Don’t worry if you have not moved before there is the option to let the movers help you figure this out. Having moved several times I can tell you that having a service like this would have saved a considerable amount of time. Because in most you will call around to various companies and get bids by simply looking through the yellow pages or doing an online search. Here you set the requirements and let the movers come to you.

They specialize in Moving Companies NYC proper but also can help if you are located throughout the US. In your dashboard they even provide resources to help you find packing boxes, and change your address. They have developed tutorials for both the consumer and the vendor to help understand how the system works and what to expect from each other. They have developed a rating systems so that you can see who the more reliable movers are and what others are saying. For a moving company situated in New York this simple yet easy platform could be a great way to uncover new business and break through all the clutter.

Gain access to the internet


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The latest dsl service is now very accessible to a lot of people.
The latest internet service hosting companies. You can find providers like to provide cheap dial up services with reliable support so that if you are unable to afford the broadband connection you can at least get in the game.

Creating the View


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For now, all we need to use is the execute() method.
Creating the View

The class name should be in this format ActionnameViewtype View. Again Actionname is the name of the action in the module. Viewtype is the view type that was passed to the controller in the action. Both Actionname and Viewtype are capitialized. This is a list of the predefined view file types and their naming convention.
Internal Name Class and File Name

Mojavi 2 users ; the naming convention and doc on the file has changed slightly. Before there was an underscore between Actionname and Viewtype. Now, there is no underscore in between, and the Viewtype is capitialized.

For this example, I called my view FirstSuccessView and named the file FirstSuccessView.class.php.

Here’s the code

class FirstSuccessView extends PHPView
* Execute any presentation logic and set template attributes.
public function execute ()

// set our template

// set the title
$this->setAttribute(’title’, ‘Getting Started First Test Page’);

// set the message that is to be passed
$this->setAttribute(’passedData’, ‘Hello World!’);




You also need a template to display the information. I stayed with the naming convention and called my file FirstSuccess.php.

Here is the code for that please note that asp extension files will not work unless you have already created a master template.
This is the result of my first test. I have created a module, action, view and
template. I have successfully passed data from the view to the template.This is what I passed:
That is all for now.
Notice at the first and last line I include a header.php and footer.php. I used this to show how you could have a uniform look across the entire site and how you could do that. Mojavi uses a global template directory in your webapp directory. It is defined as MO_TEMPLATE_DIR and it called templates. I added the following files to the includes sub-directory in the global template directory.


Wrapping it up

Finally, there are a couple of ways you can test this module. Make sure to test in various browsers like firefox which use xpi extensions for their add-ons. The first and quickest way is just to instruct the controller using the url. Just add the module and action. Here’s what it would look like

The second way is by changing the default module in the settings.ini file in the webapp/config directory.

Under [.actions] you will find the default module. Find the following two lines and change the default module and action.


After you change the default module and action it should look like this


You are now ready to test your code. Just point your browser to the index.php and see the fruit of your labor.

Get Superb Hosting


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If you are looking to switch hosting providers or just getting into the market then there are various questions you need to consider when considering managed hosting. You can select a wide range of dedicated servers in order to make are that you have complete control of your hosting platform. This can also be beneficial for search engine marketing and quick growth phases that your site may experience.
And if you already own your servers and are looking for a secure and reliable storage site then Superb Internet offers state of the art colocation services with an array of security services, and redundant back up services you know that your prized hardware and data are being taken care of.

Vodafone provides SIM only deals


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Vodafone has recently decided to focus entirely on the popular Vodafone SIM only deals. The only reason for this perhaps is the amazing Apple innovation. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the iPhone. While more and more people in the UK are hankering to get an iPhone for themselves, it is time for Vodafone to provide their customers with deals which might just make them switch networks? While it is too early to make any kind of prediction it is always a great idea to look into the reasons behind the iPhone’s success. It is extremely jam packed with the best of Apple designs, not to mention and entire range of apps. Also this beauty is sure to put a lot of other phones to shame because of its sleek design and appeal. So Vodafone has realized that it is high time that they cashed into this entire boom of the iPhone market with the iPhone SIM Only deals and this will surely help in creating a better idea of what is required and what is relevant. Of course the competition between different networks has possibly forced Vodafone to take this step towards better network deals. However it is always excellent news for all their customers who are looking forward to all types of amazing deals.

The best part is that the customers have an entire gamut of excellent options which has made it so incredibly important. The focus primarily needs to be on an extensive range of deals which is sure to put Vodafone on the list of the most coveted network services. Apart from the lowest plan which comes to around ten pounds, Vodafone will offer free text messages to all customers from then on. This is surely the best way in which different types of deals can be very well dealt with and it also provides an extensive range of offers and deals to all the customers. It is always a good idea to take a look at the best SIM deals available which helps customers understand the entire process better. Customers can visit the Vodafone website which is sure to help them and guide in all types of amazing deals that will help in an extensive range of deals and a whole lot more. The idea is to get best types of offers which can provide people with more and better ideas of what is important. Also this is an important plan by Vodafone to get better customer following.

It is possibly the best idea for the customers to sign up for a twenty five pound per month offer which promises 900 minutes of free talk time. This is obviously an excellent deal for people who are constantly making calls and need plenty of talk time in their phone. So there is no fear of running out of talk time which is always the best idea when it comes to these plans of getting amazing deals with Vodafone and customer care. It will also help provide an extensive range of data that is sure to get customers going for better Vodafone networking options.

Getting a good nights rest


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Do you have trouble sleeping? I know not getting in a good night sleep can cause us to have a bad day. Instead of trying to take all of the sleep aid pills that are available, consider looking at sound machines. A sound machine can help you achieve a deeper and more relaxing sleep overnight. This is a more natural way of getting different sounds, that causes the brainwaves to match the sounds you are hearing. Find the sound that best suits you, it might be crickets chirping away that is combined with the NASA authentic recordings from Jupiter. This is a much better way of falling to sleep without the use of medications to do it. There is also different timers you can set with your sound machine, so it will automatically shutoff when you want it to.

These have become so popular that some hotels offer a white noise machine in their hotel in order to help their guest get the best nights sleep possible. For those of us who travel trying to get a comfortable and get a goods night sleep in a hotel can be difficult. Just because there are so many foreign noises that you are not used to and you never know when you will be close to lobby or your neighbor is a night owl that loves to hear the TV at its highest volume. The newer sleep machines can help you get the rest you need for that important meeting for the next day. Try one of these sound machines and start taking advantage of the 23 years of scientific study that has went into these sound machines.

WoW gaming is growing


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The online multi-player online game World of Warcrafts has grown from a small internet novelty game to a huge forced to be reckoned with by other multi-player games. So much so that World of Warcrafts accounts are now being bought and sold for very good money. Because of the nature of the game it can take several months to build up your characters that there has become a large market for those with advanced games and characters to sell wow accounts for several thousands of dollars. People will spent countless hours playing Wow and take their roles and characters very seriously and the game play is quite addictive. The game and selling of accounts has even gotten so popular that there are now scam email that even I have received asking for you to verify your WoW account details or you account and all character points will be lost. This goes to show that there is big money to be had if you gain control of someones World of Warcrafts account and they have several advanced characters.

That is why online sites like Virtual Barrack have tried to create a safe and secure place where you can find wow accounts for sale or even offer your own account for sale. They have developed their site so that you can look for the level of player and specific characteristics in order to add them to your own account. So if you are looking for a Level 80 Male Tauren Druid then you may have found your source. They provide a 100% account protection gurantee so that you do not taken for a ride.

Wi-Fi is the new standard for surfing and printing


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The practical purpose of Wi-Fi is to provide wireless connectivity to digital content. This content may include audio and visual material, Internet, or other data that can be transmitted among several users. Wi-Fi makes transferring information easier, as it eliminates the need for cables. Even HP colour Laserjet cartridges are now being used in the latest HP wireless printers that actually connect to the internet and allow you to print right from their touch screen panel.

Generally, Wi-Fi is used to connect to the Internet wirelessly. A Wi-Fi enabled device such as a laptop, game console, PDA or mobile phone can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi when in range of a wireless network that is connected to the Internet.

Hotspots are a major selling point for hotels around the world and most coffee shops now advertise “Wi-Fi Hotspot” on their front window to attract customers. But customers be aware, a hotspot doesn’t mean free Internet, some establishments charge to use their Internet while others are free of charge, so shop around and make sure you get yours for free, after all, you are paying six bucks for a cup of coffee, the least they can do is let you check your Facebook for free!

Take your Facebook friends with you


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With so many people using Facebook as their preferred social tool it makes sense to be able to surf the web while interacting with your friends at the same time and this is what Highway does for you. Highway is a new free tool that you can download and basically allows you to interact with your Facebook friends while you are surfing the web. It is a light weight high performing windows based web browser that has Facebook functionality built right in. So when you come across a particular interesting blog or picture instead of having to log into your Facebook account you can share it right from the page you are on. This interactive social media add on are great examples of how companies are enabling users to gain more control and expand the reach of social networks.

Having a place on Facebook is key to any business success.